Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Christmas Fun!

Our elf has been up to some more cheeky business this week. 

We have loved making some cool Christmas crafts. 

Some of us have been learning to play some new games aswell. 

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Ti Kouka Elves

We have been enjoying having Elf help us celebrate Christmas in Ti Kouka this week. It is great fun finding out what he has been up to each morning.

We made our own Elf artworks and wrote about them.

My elf's name is Cheeky. He likes making toys. He is nice and he is happy. He delivers presents so much.

My elf's name is Ice Cream. She likes to swim. She has a snake tongue. She is an elf and she is cheeky.
My elf's name is X54 5000. He likes playing Lego. He has to deliver presents. He is cool and a super hero because he is the best.
My elf's name is Alphablock. He likes to watch Alphablock. He has a rainbow face. He is silly and funny.
She likes to go in the swimming pool. I named her Mary.

My elf likes to play with cubby cheeks. My elf likes to play with me. My elf is called Jack.

My elf's name is Cupcake. She likes making cupcakes. She has hair. She is kind as well as sneaky. She is the only kind elf.
My elf's name is Elf. He likes to make toys. He has sparkly eyes. He is kind and funny because my elf makes toys.

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Studio visits

On Tuesday morning Ti Kouka had some special visitors. Our friends from Ahuriri who will be joining Huritini next year came to have a play in the studio with us. The Ti Kouka children were great role models and enjoyed talking to some new friends.

Friday, 6 December 2019

Toy making day

On Wednesday we designed the toy we wanted to make.  Our toy needed to use a force.

The tricky was folding the paper to make the puppet by Serena

On Friday we made our toys. Can you guess which force our toy uses?
air resistance?

"The tricky part was to get the ball into the launcher". 
"I found it tricky tying the string to the rubber band". 

"The tricky bit was glueing things together"
"The tricky bit was how to put the straw through the holes". 

"The tricky part was cutting the card". 

"It was tricky sticking the basketball onto the platform".

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Science - Magnets!

This week we have been further exploring playing with the magnets. 

Here are places that magnets are useful
  • On the fridge 
  • On the whiteboard
  • Making creations with the play magnets 
  • When something is stuck 
  • The fridge/freezer door
  • Computers, iPads and cellphones 
  • To help stick things on